Environmental Education

Are you a teacher or professor and would like to raise awareness among your students towards solid waste management and protecting the environment? Then these approaches and tricks might help you in your mission to dedicate your lessons to environmental education. To be most effective, promote a holistic approach and lead by example, using sustainable practices in the classroom and school grounds and encouraging students and parents to bring environmental education into their home.

The Joint Service Council is glad to support you in your plans and activities by doing environmental lectures or organising field trips.
Please contact us via e-mail, facebook, fax or phone.

Here some ideas about environment education:

  • Field trip with your students to a dumpsite in order to show the negative impact of wild dumpsites.
  • Environmental lecture for your students at your school
  • Handicraft-Recycling-Workshop with your students out of used material the students can bring from their homes.
  • Community Service Activity: Cleaning-up the village or your town
  • Celebration of the World Environment Day on 5th of June or the Earth Day