First Volunteer Meeting in 2013
الأربعاء | 06/02/2013 - 01:57 مساءً

    The Joint Service Council aims to establish a permanent volunteer group of school and university students. Due to this purpose the Joint Service Council invited students and teachers of schools in Ramallah and Al Bireh to a first Joint Servvice Council Volunteer meeting at the end of january 2013 in the school hall of the Evangelical school.
Everybody was welcome to join. 30 students and 3 teachers (which schools) showed up. After a general presentation of the Joint Service Council work and mission we expalined the concept of the volunteer group and the future volunteer comitee. This comitee will be elected by the Joint Service Council. Out of every school should be at least 1 or 2 keypersons part of this comittee. With which the PA will held regular monthly meetings to discuss and exchange ideas and future activities.

The objective of this Volunteer Group is to get in exchange with school and university students about new ideas what to do and which activities they wish to do in order to strengthen the ownership and committment to environmental issues and activities. The students were excited about volunteering in projects that help in making environment cleaner and healthier. And some students even brought some handicrafts they have made by using recycled objects.