Mission and Vision

JSC is a sustainable institution which leads Solid Waste Management in Ramallah/Al Bireh competently, efficiently and in an environmentally and hygienically sound manner.


• Establishing, operating, managing and developing an integrated solid waste management system  for the Governorate of Ramallah/Al Bireh.

• Providing advice and support primarily to the LGUs initiatives towards environmental-friendly solutions regarding waste management.

• Creating partnerships with investors and the private sector to implement, operate and manage waste recovery and recycling facilities.

• Planning and coordinating public education programs and awareness campaigns concerning environmental SWM and encouraging governmental and non governmental institutions for cooperation and implementation.

Main Objectives

• Financial Aspects
o Recognize and collect revenues that allows full recovery of operational and development costs.

• Technical Aspects
o All dumpsites are closed / sanitary landfill fully operational.
o Developing an information system that allows technical and management decision.
o  First steps in recycling activities (who owns the waste).

• Institutional Aspects
o A communication strategy is implemented.
o JSC work is supported by strategic planning.
o Skilled competent staff are available.
o  Operations are structured and well organized.
o  Capacities within LGUs to contribute to the SWM system are increased.

• Public Relations and Awareness Aspect

o A public relations/awareness strategy is developed and implemented.

o Increased ownership by all concerned stakeholders regarding SW issues.