The Joint Service Council for Solid Waste Management in the Governorate of Ramallah and Al Bireh (JSC) is a non profitable institution established in 2007. The council operates under the supervision and approval of the Palestinian Ministry of Local Government (MoLG). Its General Assembly consists of representatives of all Local Governmental Units (LGUs) and joint service councils (JSCs) existing in Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate and it works in the geographic jurisdiction of the same Governorate.

   In order to increase the efficiency of the services provided, and maintain a guaranteed professionalism, the council ensures hiring an experienced and well trained staff, in addition to establishing the needed manuals and system regulations and procedures. the council's team consists of management, technical, financial and public awareness experts who are up to date to the new technologies.

   The General assembly of the council includes representatives of all existing local government units in Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate. The Board of Directors is elected from nine members of the representatives of the General Authority for two years on a regular basis.